World Ranking: 36
Average Age: 25.4

Mikail Bill





Mikail "Maikelele" Bill (formerly known as "eksem") (born May 3, 1991) is a Swedish professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and former Counter-Strike 1.6 player.

In 2013, Maikelele (then known as eksem) first rose into the scene under the name of Team Refuse, who would attend DreamHack Summer 2013 with most notably. After some success, his team would join LGB eSports whom he would attend the first major with, DreamHack Winter 2013 where he would additionally achieve "legend status". Eventually, he would leave LGB along with his teammate, SKYTTEN. During this period, he would move around different teams such as Team Property and SK Gaming. After his stint with SK, he renamed himself to Maikelele and he would eventually make his move to Ninjas in Pyjamas where he would place second at DreamHack Winter 2014 falling to Team in the grand final.

Maikelele's cousin Benjamin "Xerial" Sjögren is a former professional Quake player.

Malkelele has over 23197 rounds played behind him with more than 15770 frags, from which 37.5% were headshots. His favorite weapon of choice is split between the AWP and the AK-47, both on a 32% pick rate. He also has a K/D Ratio of 1.06


Jesse Linjala





Jesse "zehN" Linjala (born November 7, 1991) is a Finnish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and former Counter-Strike 1.6 player.

zehN is the first player from the original Cringe Gods lineup to attend a major which was PGL Major Krakow 2017 with team PENTA.

17040 rounds have been played by zehN, where he did over 12749 frags. 45% of them were headshots, and average damage dealt per round was 82. His K/D Ratio is 1.18 and preferred weapon of choice - The AK-47 52% of the time.


Martin Styk





Martin "STYKO" Styk (born February 23, 1996) is a Slovakian professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player.

His nickname is pronounced "st-eek-o". Some casters, however, have mispronounced his name based on the spelling of his nickname, pronouncing it as "sty-ko". Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett also initially pronounced his nickname how it is pronounced in Slovak, as "sticko". STYKO was previously a moderator for the Czech-Slovak technology branch, Grunex. Under the company, he most notably interviewed NEO and allu during Katowice 2014 and Katowice 2015 respectively.

With more than 17420 frags over 26405 rounds, STYKO deals an average of 74 damage per round. 56.5% of all frags were headshots, and most of them were made with his preferred weapon of choice the AK-47, which he picks 43% of the time.


Kevin Amend





Kevin "kRYSTAL" Amend (born July 23, 1993) is a German professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and former Counter-Strike: Source player. He is currently playing for NoChance and coaching BIG Academy.

He was part of team PENTA in many of its forms. The team which started all German underwent changes leading to a European lineup. They shocked the CS scene when after only 6 months with the roster he was able to lead them to the Major. After that PENTA Sports disbanded. In 2017 he helped to form the initial Sprout lineup, during which he attended the ELEAGUE Boston Major. Following his tenure with Sprout, kRYSTAL linked up with numerous squads through 2018, including The Imperial, Ghost Gaming, and Rogue. He now currently plays with the organization-less EU mix-team NoChance.

kRYSTAL switches between left and right-handed ViewModel very often. His most notable achievement is 1st place with team Imperial on DreamHack Open Summer 2018

He has over 35568 rounds played and more than 22444 frags, 36% of which were headshots. His K/D Ratio is 0.94 and he deals an average of 70 damage per round. His favorite weapon of choice is split between the AWP and the AK-47 with exactly 30% pick rate.


Pavle Bošković





Pavle "maden" Bošković is a Montenegrin Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, who recently joined the roster of team SMASH.

Maden's favorite weapon of choice is the AK-47, with a pick rate of 49% of the time. He is fairly new player with a bit over 3902 rounds behind him, but has managed to do more than 2977 frags, from which 50% are headshots. He also deals an average of 84.5 damage per round and has a K/D Ratio of 1.06.